Price List



ArchiSuitePlus is a collection of Plug-Ins for ArchiCAD. To use it you have to purchase and install separately from ArchiCAD the software. 


ArchiSuitePlus Single: you can order one or more Dongles containing one ArchiSuite License.

The price will be 795 Euro each.


ArchiSuitePlus NET: you can order one Dongle containing two or more Licenses.

The price will be calculated: 1 Dongle 45 Euro + 1 License 750 Euro + n. License 375 Euro each

(i.e. a NET3 would cost 45+750+375+375).


ArchiSuitePlus Update: if you have an older version of ArchiSuite, you can update it for 160 Euro each year. To find out how many years you would have to update go to How to Order and follow the instructions where the system will read and calculate the years. 

Price List.

Plug-ins Collection New License Update
from ever year
ArchiSuitePlus 795,00 160,00