How to Order

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Cigraph products are provided with 2 protection systems:


a) Hardware Dongle: USB key (tipically red) used for ArchiSuitePlus which is shipped after purchase.

b) Software license ID: a serial code used for ArchiQuantPlus stand-alone that will be delivered to the customer by e-mail after purchase.




For orders, PLEASE:

use Safari o Firefox, not Chrome




ArchiSuitePlus (Dongle protection)



New order

First you have to decide what kind of ArchiSuitePlus Dongle you need:


1) Single user (Mac/Windows)

2) NET user, where you can purchase 2 to 50 Licenses of the same product with 1 Dongle. The Dongle can be connected to any Windows computer in your LAN and works as Server for all the other stations (mixed Mac/Windows clients). 


After the order is processed Cigraph prepares your Dongle and will ship it to you.


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Software Update

If you already have ArchiSuitePlus dongle and want to order ArchiSuitePlus update:


1) On the store page you need to enter the number of the Dongle key you want to update.

2) Follow the instructions to upgrade the ArchiSuitePlus version.

3) After purchase you have to update the dongle to the new license. It is possible to do this either by directly launching the new ArchiSuitePlus version from ArchiCAD (a message will be showed that the dongle has been updated), or by using the "Cigraph License Activation" plug-in always included in the ArchiSuitePlus package.


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ArchiQuantPlus - Stand-Alone (Software protection)


Currently, only one or more licenses of ArchiQuantPlus for ArchiCAD 24 or 25 can be purchased directly from the store.

If you need a version of ArchiQuantPlus different from ArchiCAD 24 or 25, please contact us:


ArchiQuantPlus is also part of ArchiSuitePlus, but if you want it as Stand-Alone Version without all the other Plug-Ins please go here:


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