How to Order


Welcome to the Cigraph's On-Line Store: how to buy ArchiSuite

Before proceeding with your order, read carefully the following instructions.

ArchiSuite is provided with a protection system based on the Cigraph red Dongle (similar to the ArchiCAD's dongle).
The Cigraph Dongle can be initialized as:

SINGLE - the Dongle must be connected to the computer on which ArchiSuitew supposed to be used.
NET - You can choose a number of NET Licenses from 2 to 250. The NET Cigraph Dongle can be connected to one computer in your LAN and give the chosen number of licenses to the connected users.
50% discount starts from the second license (example: NET 3: 750,00 + 375,00 + 375,00 = 1500,00 euro).


Cigraph strongly recomends one of the following browsers: Safari on Apple; MS Explorer on Windows. Firefox on Apple and Windows. We suggest you not to block pop-up windows and it is mandatory to set the browser preferences in order to accept cookies.

How to set Safari to accept cookies
Safari's menu > Preferences > Privacy panel: block cookies = Never
How to set Explorer to accept cookies
Tools menu > Internet Options > Privacy Panel: Setting = Medium
At the beginning of the purchase program, you will be asked to accept a certificate.


ArchiSuite is available for New Customers for 795,00 euro

Dongle shipment included
Custom duty may be applied in some countries outside of the European Community.



If you own a Cigraph Dongle and ArchiSuite 17 or 18, you can update to ArchiSuite 19 for 160,00 euro. 
If you already own the red Cigraph Dongle, but not ArchiSuite (empty dongle or some previous plug-ins), you can't migrate to ArchiSuite with a promotional price anymore, but you can buy ArchiSuite 19 and have your dongle immediately loaded.


The Dongle doesn't contain the software, ArchiSuite is available for free download.


1. dongle's identification
If your Dongle is empty, decide if you want to initialize it as NET or SINGLE.
The initialization of the Dongle can't be modified: in a NET Dongle, all the purchased products will be NET; in a SINGLE Dongle, all the purchased products will be SINGLE.

On a NET Dongle you can activate a number of NET licenses included from 2 to 250.
On a SINGLE Dongle you can activate just a Single License.

To use ArchiSuite NET, the Dongle can be connected to any computer of your LAN and it will provide the chosen number of licenses to the connected users.
To use ArchiSuite SINGLE, the Dongle must be connected to the computer on which ArchiSuite is supposed to be used.

If you own more than one Cigraph Dongle, before purchasing or updating ArchiSuite:

  • decide on which Dongle you want to buy / update ArchiSuite;
  • if more than one Cigraph Dongle is plugged in the computer, the system will ask you to choose the one you want to use;
  • one on-line order can only be related to one Cigraph Dongle.

If you want to make purchases for more than one Dongle, you must proceed with a new order for each one.

2. composing the Dongle
The system identifies your Cigraph Dongle by its code and the registered products.
Buying ArchiSuite is very simple:

  • to buy select ArchiSuite 18 in one of the available positions of the Cigraph Dongle;
  • to update to a new version (for example from ArchiSuite 16 to 18), use the UPDATE button on the right.

The price will be automatically calculated each time you choose an option on the Cigraph Dongle.

when you are composing a NET Dongle, do not forget to type in the number of licenses you require, otherwise the system will automatically assign you 2 licenses.

3. data form

  • Your personal data are required to proceed the order.
  • After the first registration you will just need to type in your Name and Password.
  • VAT code is required only for European Companies.
  • Shipping: if the shipping address is different to the billing address, fill in the SHIPPING DATA panel, if not select the check box Shipping data are the same.

4. order summary
Before proceeding with the payment it's best to check that all the information on the order are correct. Taxes will be calculated in this phase.

5. payment
You can pay using the PayPal circuit, Visa or MasterCard. For further information see the Secure transaction web page.

6. order proceeded
The proceeded order will be sent via e-mail to the address typed in the data form, together with an e-mail from PayPal.
If you don't find these two e-mails, please check your spam folder, especially if it's your first time on Cigraph's Store.
For further information, please contact us.

7. Dongle activation
Once you bought your update you can download it on your Cigraph key-plug through our new plug-in: Cigraph License Activation. It will be provided in the ArchiSuite folder.