How to Order


Welcome to the Cigraph's On-Line Store: how to buy ArchiSuite

ArchiSuitePlus is provided with a protection system based on the Cigraph Dongle. To make ArchSuitePlus work it is necessary that the Cigraph Central Computer is aware of the customer and also that the Dongle itself is updated and activated to the same version of ArchiCAD.

Therefore the ordering procedure has to be different for New Customer (don’t have yet a Dongle) and Update Customers (have already a dongle).



First you have to decide what kind of ArchiSuitePlus Dongle you need:

1) Single user (Mac/Windows)
2) NET user, where you can purchase 2 to 50 Licenses of the same product with 1 Dongle. The Dongle can be connected to any Windows computer in your LAN and works as Server for all the other stations (mixed Mac/Windows clients). 
3) Once decided which Dongle you need proceed to the order
4) After the order is processed Cigraph prepares your Dongle and will ship it to you.

Proceed to New Customer Order



In this case you have already the Dongle and want to order the Update of ArchiSuitePlus.

1) Make sure you have downloaded the last version of ArchiSuitePLus, compatible with your ArchiCAD version.
2) Have the Dongle inserted into your computer
3) Click for “Order Updates” and follow the instructions. (To avoid the risk to order twice the same update, the system before accepting the payment will inform you about it.)
4) Once the payment is done, you can immediately activate the Dongle in ArchiCAD (menu:Design-ExtraDesign) with “Cigraph License Activation”

Proceed to Update Customers Order