Legal Info

Secure transaction

Payments for products can be completed directly on the Banca Sella website with a Visa or MasterCard.
All data is transferred in encoded format using an SSL certificate, making such information impossible to intercept by outside parties.
Cigraph also accepts orders addressed to persons other than the credit card holder, but only after checking both with the purchaser and the address.
Cigraph reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to request that the purchaser provide additional guarantees or to refuse the order.


Right to Withdraw

Purchases made on our site are subject to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree No. 185 of 05/22/1999 (included at the end of this document), which concerns distance contracts. Distance contracts apply when merchandise is delivered to a residence or a Mail Boxes Etc. store, as such purchases are concluded off commercial premises. The main object of the abovementioned Decree is to define the buyer’s right to withdraw.

To whom it applies
According to the EC decree, the right to withdraw may be exercised only by natural persons (consumers) acting for purposes not related to their trade or business. Accordingly, the right to withdraw cannot be exercised by legal persons or natural persons acting for purposes associated with a business activity. Also excluded from the right to withdraw are purchases made by resellers or any other parties who purchase for the purpose of reselling to third parties.

What it entails
Consumers have the right to withdraw from the contract within ten working days from the time the merchandise is received, and can do so by returning the goods in question to the seller, who will reimburse the price of the returned merchandise. Bonus buys (so-called promotions), where the purchase of one product results in a second being sold at a negligible price or given free of charge, the right to withdraw is considered legitimately exercised when both items have been returned, as the complimentary product is considered accessorial to the first.

How it is exercised
Before contacting Cigraph Customer Service, you must have the following documents and information available:

  • original invoice;
  • in the case of partial withdrawal, in addition to the purchase invoice, the item code(s) of the product(s);
  • bank information for receiving the wire transfer (CIN – ABI – CAB – current account of the person to whom the invoice is made out, composed of 12 alphanumeric characters).

Once you have the above items on hand, you can contact Cigraph Customer Service. A representative will advise you of the procedure to follow to open a withdrawal order and will authorize the return of the components.
The procedure is summarized below:

  • send a signed notice - also by fax to +39.041.920031 - declaring your intention to exercise your right to withdraw;
  • the notice must include all the information specified above (invoice number, item code(s) of the product(s) for which the right to withdraw is being exercised, bank account information).

How to send merchandise to Cigraph (return shipping)
After opening the withdrawal order, enclose the merchandise in its original packaging and pack it in a box so as to protect the original packaging from any damage, writing or alteration. Cigraph reserves the right to refuse the returned merchandise if this procedure is not followed.
The merchandise must be shipped, at your expense, to the address indicated by Cigraph Customer Service.
We advise you to insure the package: if the article is damaged, Cigraph reserves the right to not accept the merchandise.
We suggest that you ship through a courier or other suitable means that will allow your package to be tracked during shipping.
Cigraph will not reimburse the buyer for returned merchandise until such goods are received.

How long does it take to receive the wire transfer?
Within 30 working days of the date the merchandise is received, Cigraph will credit you the amount corresponding to the value of the merchandise indicated on the invoice. In compliance with Article 5, paragraph 6 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 185 of 05/22/1999, this amount will not include shipping costs.

Cigraph reserves the right to not accept components or products shipped without their original packaging, accessories and manuals or if they are shipped without opening a withdrawal order through Customer Service or without following the shipping instructions indicated by Customer Service. In these cases, the shipping costs incurred for returning the merchandise will be the customer’s responsibility.