20 July 2021

ArchiSuitePlus 25 and ArchiQuantPlus 25 are now available.


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24 June 2021

After almost two years of work, the new version of ArchiQuant is now available: ArchiQuantPlus.

The new version has been completely rewritten and redesigned compared to the previous one to improve the user interface and make it even more complete and functional.


ArchiQuantPlus is available in two version:


1) Stand-alone plug-in with software key protection.


2) Included in ArchiSuitePlus with hardware key protection Wibukey.



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Download ArchiQuantPlus




21 September 2020

ArchiSuitePlus 24 is now available.

You can download it at this page:



10 October 2019

ArchiSuitePlus 23 is now downloadable at this page:



9 October 2019

To improve our customer support, Cigraph also decided to ask you to contact us via email:


10 August 2018

ArchiSuitePlus 22 can be downloaded at this page:


28 November 2016

We made a short (30min) video where we show in German and English the new approach to the work with ArchTerra.

14 October 2016

ArchiTerraPlus is ready and put on our server for download.

10 October 2016

We get more and more requests when will be the shipment of ArchiSuitePlus and ArchiTerraPlus. As far as we shipped the Italian version last week, we can promise to be able to release the international version around the 14-10-2016 and the German version immediately after that date.

5 August 2016

Cigraph's office will be closed for summer holidays from the 8th to the 29th of August.