ArchiCAD plug-in for surveying interiors


ArchiMap provides you with all of the tools necessary for creating as-built surveys within ArchiCAD.
Its tools for designing and placing doors and windows allow you to quickly and easily draw an as-built survey and convert it into a 3D model made up of parametric ArchiCAD elements.
Work method
With the Room tool, using the same logic as if youwere doing a freehand sketch, you design the rooms being surveyed on the Floor Plan (rectangular, L-shaped or freeform) and add any necessary notes or information. Next you define the positions of doors and windows, using either a generic type (single or double door) or choosing one from the ArchiCAD Library. 
Using the Trilateration tool, you insert the diagonals in the room to block the as-built survey geometrically; if there are intersecting diagonals, ArchiMap lets you define which ones are primary and which are secondary.
Furthermore, you can define a 90° angle between two walls or insert hotspots inside, outside or along the sides of the room being surveying (for example, for placing a pillar or to define the position of an element on a wall).
The Measurements tool lets you insert the lengths of the room's sides or diagonals either individually or in sequence. You can input the measurements manually or by interfacing directly with Leica's DistoTM Plus laser distance meter (via a BlueTooth connection).
The Join tool allows you to connect rooms that have been surveyed and stored, using the doors that the rooms have incommon. If the thickness of the wall separating the Rooms is not uniform, you can join the rooms using four hotspots (two in each room), resulting in the generation of a trapezoidal wall.

Once the rooms have been joined, you can create a Perimeter around them and define the following parameters: the maximum and default thickness of the perimeter wall and internal walls, the trapezoidal wall limit, the limit for the difference in aligned walls thicknesses and the limit for trapezoidal perimeter walls.
Using the 3D Construction tool, you can select the as-built and thePerimeter and then either manually or automatically erect all the walls and insert the doors and windows selected from the ArchiCAD Library. 
ArchiMap erects editable walls individually based on the active settings for ArchiCAD's Wall tool (height, materials, pen, internal hatching, etc.); the 2D as-built is thus converted into a 3D model made up entirely of parametric ArchiCAD elements. 

ArchiSuite System Requirements
The add-ons require the same configuration as your version of ArchiCAD.


ArchiCAD Version
ArchiSuite is compatible with ArchiCAD 13 and subsequent versions and it does not work with previous versions of ArchiCAD.
A special version of ArchiSuite is available for ArchiCAD Start Edition 2010 and subsequent versions (ArchiSuite for ArchiCAD Start Edition is NOT compatible with the full ArchiCAD version).
Installing the package
Select the ArchiSuite folder and after extracting it, copy it to the add-ons folder in the ArchiCAD folder on your computer. If installed correctly, when you next launch ArchiCAD, the Design menu will include a submenu providing access to ArchiSuite.
Custom Work Environment
If you use custom work environments, the add-on menu might not appear automatically in the ArchiCAD Design menu.
To show the Work Environment Manager dialog, click on Options/Work Environment.
Use this dialog to configure your custom work environments to include the menu for the new add-on.
Managing the object library
We recommend not moving the libraries used by the add-on from their original location (in the same folder as the add-on).
Here they will be managed automatically by the add-on and you will not experience any difficulty loading them.

ArchiSuite is provided with an hardware protection, the Cigraph Dongle, available on our on-line store together with ArchiSuite, with no additional shipping cost.

ArchiSuite download must be related to the ArchiCAD version and Operative System in use.

DEMO versions are available for test purposes.
DEMO versions are not provided with any protection system, but only with a few limitations on their tools capabilities.

ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD 18 last update: 10 February 2015

ArchiSuite DEMO - ArchiCAD 18 last update: 01 September 2014


ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD 17 last update: 10 February 2015

ArchiSuite DEMO - ArchiCAD 17 last update: 01 September 2014

ArchiSuite FULL doesn't work on ArchiCAD STUDENT version. Some plug-ins included in ArchiSuite are available for students on ArchiSuite Student version contains the following plug-ins: ArchiFacade, ArchiForma 2, ArchiPanel, ArchiQuant, ArchiTerra 3, ArchiStair 2, ArchiTools. Please visit our Educational web page.

ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD Start Edition 2014 last update: 01 September 2014


ArchiSuite DEMO - ArchiCAD Start Edition 2014 last update: 01 September 2014



ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD 16 last update: 12 February 2015


ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD Start Edition 2013 last update: 12 February 2015



ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD 15


ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD Start Edition 2012


ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD 14


ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD Start Edition 2011


ArchiSuite FULL - ArchiCAD 13



Download User Guide and Software License for ArchiSuite 16 and 17
The default configuration of ArchiSuite 16 and 17 provides User Guides in English and Italian.
Other languages can be added by dowloading and adding them to the ArchiSuite/Documentation folder.

Download User Guide and Software License for ArchiSuite 15 and previous versions
The chosen .pdf file must overwrite the one you can find in your Plug-in folder, the default manual is the English User Guide.

ArchiConverter is an ArchiCAD 10 plug-in enabling batches of ArchiCAD 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 Project and Archive files to be converted to version 10 with one simple command.
It only works on ArchiCAD 10, that's why it's not included in the downloadable ArchiSuite packets. Please download ArchiConverter here.


ArchiConverter FULL - ArchiCAD 10


Updates e bug-fix

Cigraph Plug-Ins for the current and the previous ArchiCAD version are constantly up to date, a soon as new new bugs arise.
When you launch ArchiSuite, it immediately advises you for new updates available for free download.
Remember to quit ArchiCAD, before installing any ArchiSuite Update.

If you need to download previous Cigraph Plug-Ins versions (for ArchiCAD from version 8.1 to 11), the ones protected by the Cigraph Dongle, or the ones protected with the old system based on the Registration ID, please contact Cigraph and write us about the ArchiCAD version and Operative System you're using.

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