ArchiCAD Plug-in to automatically create comparison overlays


With the ArchiGiallieRossi plug-in for ArchiCAD, you can compare two views of a project and highlight the differences.
Its main use is to automatically (or semi-automatically) generate comparison overlays in which two situations of the same project (current and proposed situation) are superimposed and then compared.
The structures to be demolished are shown in yellow (and possibly with dotted lines), the "new" structures in red and unchanged elements in grey.
The ArchiGiallieRossi comparison procedure is extremely simple to use, but may also be customised as ArchiCAD enables the user to manage the current and proposed situations of a project in various ways, as required or as set in the custom preferences.

Basically, all ArchiGiallieRossi does is to take the two views, superimpose them and verify/highlight the differences, in practical terms, the changes from before (the situation represented by the first view) and after (the situation represented by the second view).
The comparison procedure does not compare any primitive, but performs the comparisons on the basis of element type, with a logic obviously linked to the virtual building.
The walls present before are therefore compared with the walls present afterwards, the slabs with the slabs, the beams with the beams, the objects with the objects and so on.
The result is shown with the three colours, fills and line types set by the user.

ArchiSuite System Requirements
The add-ons require the same configuration as your version of ArchiCAD.


ArchiCAD Version
ArchiSuite is compatible with ArchiCAD 17 and subsequent versions and it does not work with previous versions of ArchiCAD.
Installing the package
Installing ArchiSuitePlus has to happen in 2 steps:
  1. After downloading, click on the file and an Installer will put the Add-Ons in the correct folder of ArchiCAD
  2. After the Installer finished, it is necessary to prepare the Cigraph-Dongle. Put it into the computer and lunch ArchiCAD. From the menu: Design- Extradesign select “Cigraph Liccenze Activation” and follow the instructions.
Custom Work Environment
If you use personalized ArchiCAD custom work environments, the add-on menu might not appear automatically in the ArchiCAD Design menu.
To show the Work Environment Manager dialog, click on Options/Work Environment.
Use this dialog to configure your custom work environments to include the menu for the new add-on.
Managing the object library
We recommend not moving the libraries used by the add-on from their original location (in the same folder as the add-on).
Here they will be managed automatically by the add-on and you will not experience any difficulty loading them.

ArchiSuitePlus download must be related to the ArchiCAD version and Operative System in use.

To ease your life we developed a dedicated "Installer", which starts after downloading ArchiSuitePlus.





ArchiCAD 20 23 November 2016
ArchiCAD 19 23 November 2016
ArchiCAD 18 23 November 2016
ArchiCAD 17 23 November 2016




Updates and bugs fixing


ArchiSuitePlus for the current and the previous ArchiCAD version are constantly up to date, as soon as new new bugs arise. When you launch ArchiSuite, it immediately advises you for new updates available for free download.
Remember to quit ArchiCAD, before installing any ArchiSuitePlus Update.


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