The first Archicad API based plug-in for ArchiCAD surface materials management



ArchiMaterial allowes a new managing of ArchiCAD's surface materials, organizing them in a pecking order (definable by the user) defining some favorites and using the drag and drop technique that allows to select the material preview to drag it on the element we want to place it on.
A simple procedure allows to generate textures without tiling and images to be used for bump-mapping effects, transparency, etc...
Working method
The first and probably the main function of ArchiMaterial pertains to the managing of the material of every single element of the project: the first icon of ArchiMaterial's palette opens the Materials Tracker that allows to check and modify: 
  • the materials assigned at every selected element's parameter;
  • the materials of several elements contemporaneously (for example Columns and Walls);
  • the different components of every material (color, texture, fill)
  • the name of the associated fill and texture.
To be considered: the possibility to see the textures used by the Open GL engine for the 3D view and the ArchiCAD rendering engine, or the ones used by LightWorks engine.
The different materials that are in the project can be seen as a preview (all the materials of the file or only your Favorite ones), or in a hierarchical list. 
A little example can explain better the potential of this tool: let's imagine to manage the materials of an object from the 3D view, choosing from the hierarchical list...

Otherwise, disabling the Element/component filter toggle, you can modify a material setting just with a drag&drop, regardless of number and type of elements to which it's associated: if a building is designed to be yellow and then you decide white is better, it's quite obvious that there are many walls, slabs and columns settings to change... with ArchiMaterial it's just one command
ArchiMaterial allowes to deal with great semplicity both Favorite and the Hierarchical lists, and the eyedropper and the syringe functions are simple too, they let you transfer materials (only them) from an object to another, for example two doors with dimensions, opening side, and other different parameters that have use the same materials in their different components.
With ArchiMaterial you can create a Texture from a picture, maybe taken on site, even with an unwanted perspective, ArchiMaterial can straighten it.

Sometimes the opposite result is necessary, you may not want to see the ordinary tiling effect on your texture, so you should use a photo editor software to trim the picture perfectly.

ArchiMaterial can create textures without tiling very simply, just one click and it's not all: with the same simplicity you can obtain the Bump Mapping effect.


ArchiSuite System Requirements
The add-ons require the same configuration as your version of ArchiCAD.


ArchiCAD Version
ArchiSuite is compatible with ArchiCAD 13 and subsequent versions and it does not work with previous versions of ArchiCAD.
A special version of ArchiSuite is available for ArchiCAD Start Edition and subsequent versions (ArchiSuite for ArchiCAD Start Edition is NOT compatible with the full ArchiCAD version).
Installing the package
Select the ArchiSuite folder and after extracting it, copy it to the add-ons folder in the ArchiCAD folder on your computer. If installed correctly, when you next launch ArchiCAD, the Design menu will include a submenu providing access to ArchiSuite.
Custom Work Environment
If you use custom work environments, the add-on menu might not appear automatically in the ArchiCAD Design menu.
To show the Work Environment Manager dialog, click on Options/Work Environment.
Use this dialog to configure your custom work environments to include the menu for the new add-on.
Managing the object library
We recommend not moving the libraries used by the add-on from their original location (in the same folder as the add-on).
Here they will be managed automatically by the add-on and you will not experience any difficulty loading them.

ArchiSuite download must be related to the ArchiCAD version and Operative System in use.

The ArchiSuite downloadable packages don't include ArchiConverter (it only works on ArchiCAD 10) and the English User Manuals are set as default. You can download ArchiConverter and the other manuals in a riservate session at the end of this page.


ATTENTION: Bug fixing is supported only for the current and the previous release of ArchiSuite.




Cigraph License Activation


ArchiCAD 19 02 March 2016
ArchiCAD 18 02 March 2016
ArchiCAD 17 02 March 2016




ArchiSuite FULL Versions

ArchiSuite is provided with an hardware protection, the Cigraph Dongle, available on our on-line store together with ArchiSuite, with no additional shipping cost.

ATTENTION: ArchiSuite FULL doesn't work on ArchiCAD STUDENT version.

ArchiCAD 19 02 March 2016  
ArchiCAD 18 02 March 2016  
ArchiCAD 17 02 March 2016  
ArchiCAD 16 12 February 2015
ArchiCAD 15  
ArchiCAD 14  
ArchiCAD 13  



ArchiSuite DEMO Versions

ArchiSuite DEMO versions are available for test purposes, they are not provided with any protection system, but only with a few limitations on their tools capabilities.

ArchiCAD 19 29 March 2016
ArchiCAD 18 29 March 2016
ArchiCAD 17 29 March 2016




ArchiSuite FULL Versions - ArchiCAD Start Edition (SE)

ArchiSuite is provided with an hardware protection, the Cigraph Dongle, available on our on-line store together with ArchiSuite, with no additional shipping cost.

ATTENTION: ArchiSuite FULL doesn't work on ArchiCAD STUDENT version.


ArchiCAD SE 2015 02 March 2016
ArchiCAD SE 2014 01 September 2014  
ArchiCAD SE 2013 12 February 2015  
ArchiCAD SE 2012    
ArchiCAD SE 2011    



ArchiConverter 1.0

ArchiConverter is an ArchiCAD 10 plug-in enabling batches of ArchiCAD 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 Project and Archive files to be converted to version 10 with one simple command. It only works on ArchiCAD 10, that's why it's not included in the downloadable ArchiSuite packets. Please download ArchiConverter here.

ArchiCAD 10



Documentation ArchiSuite 16 - ArchiSuite 17 - ArchiSuite 18

The default configuration of ArchiSuite provides User Guides in English and Italian.
Other languages can be added by dowloading and adding them to the ArchiSuite/Documentation folder.



Updates and bugs fixing


Cigraph Plug-Ins for the current and the previous ArchiCAD version are constantly up to date, as soon as new new bugs arise.
When you launch ArchiSuite, it immediately advises you for new updates available for free download.
Remember to quit ArchiCAD, before installing any ArchiSuite Update.



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