ArchiCAD Plug-in for straightening perspective images




ArchiFaçade is a Plug-in that allows perspective images (photographs of façades, objects, etc.) to be transformed in order to correct, or "straighten" them.
Based on the principles of projective geometry, ArchiFaçade uses the appropriate mathematical transformations to remove perspective distortions from an image until a rectified version is generated.
ArchiFaçade's Tool Palette can be opened when necessary and is used just like any other palette, providing a simple and rapid way to correct the perspective of a building.
Obtaining the undistorted image of a tall building - perhaps one with elaborate mouldings and other architectural elements - is a lengthy and difficult task. The most rapid and efficient solution involves digitalising your photograph and then, with the help of ArchiFaçade, transforming it into a "straightened" image in which the measurements of the individual parts correspond to the exact proportions of the actual structure.
ArchiFaçade provides two simple methods for correcting perspective images, both of which require just a few measurements.

With the first method, the real coordinates of four points of the structure (measurements taken on-site) are indicated on the photograph that has been imported into the Floor Plan.
With the second method, first a significantly sized horizontal or vertical segment of the actual façade is indicated on the photograph. Then, on the same plane, two points are extended from the end points of the segment to apply the triangulation technique
The program allows any unnecessary parts to be deleted from the bitmap, so that images can be refined and adjusted as desired.
Lastly, ArchiFaçade provides a simple graphic procedure for converting photographic images into ArchiCAD library parts, allowing them to be reused in photorealistic settings.
With a few simple and quick calculations, photographs of people, trees, wings of buildings or any other type of image can be inserted into 3D models without GDL scripting or the use of other programs.


ArchiSuite System Requirements
The add-ons require the same configuration as your version of ArchiCAD.


ArchiCAD Version
ArchiSuite is compatible with ArchiCAD 13 and subsequent versions and it does not work with previous versions of ArchiCAD.
A special version of ArchiSuite is available for ArchiCAD Start Edition and subsequent versions (ArchiSuite for ArchiCAD Start Edition is NOT compatible with the full ArchiCAD version).
Installing the package
Select the ArchiSuite folder and after extracting it, copy it to the add-ons folder in the ArchiCAD folder on your computer. If installed correctly, when you next launch ArchiCAD, the Design menu will include a submenu providing access to ArchiSuite.
Custom Work Environment
If you use custom work environments, the add-on menu might not appear automatically in the ArchiCAD Design menu.
To show the Work Environment Manager dialog, click on Options/Work Environment.
Use this dialog to configure your custom work environments to include the menu for the new add-on.
Managing the object library
We recommend not moving the libraries used by the add-on from their original location (in the same folder as the add-on).
Here they will be managed automatically by the add-on and you will not experience any difficulty loading them.

ArchiSuite download must be related to the ArchiCAD version and Operative System in use.

The ArchiSuite downloadable packages don't include ArchiConverter (it only works on ArchiCAD 10) and the English User Manuals are set as default. You can download ArchiConverter and the other manuals in a riservate session at the end of this page.


ATTENTION: Bug fixing is supported only for the current and the previous release of ArchiSuite.



ArchiSuite FULL Versions

ArchiSuite is provided with an hardware protection, the Cigraph Dongle, available on our on-line store together with ArchiSuite, with no additional shipping cost.

ATTENTION: ArchiSuite FULL doesn't work on ArchiCAD STUDENT version.

ArchiCAD 19 28 August 2015  
ArchiCAD 18 28 August 2015  
ArchiCAD 17 28 August 2015  
ArchiCAD 16 12 February 2015
ArchiCAD 15  
ArchiCAD 14  
ArchiCAD 13  



ArchiSuite DEMO Versions

ArchiSuite DEMO versions are available for test purposes, they are not provided with any protection system, but only with a few limitations on their tools capabilities.

ArchiCAD 18 01 September 2014
ArchiCAD 17 01 September 2014




ArchiSuite FULL Versions - ArchiCAD Start Edition (SE)

ArchiSuite is provided with an hardware protection, the Cigraph Dongle, available on our on-line store together with ArchiSuite, with no additional shipping cost.

ATTENTION: ArchiSuite FULL doesn't work on ArchiCAD STUDENT version.


ArchiCAD SE 2015 20 July 2015
ArchiCAD SE 2014 01 September 2014  
ArchiCAD SE 2013 12 February 2015  
ArchiCAD SE 2012    
ArchiCAD SE 2011    



ArchiConverter 1.0

ArchiConverter is an ArchiCAD 10 plug-in enabling batches of ArchiCAD 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 Project and Archive files to be converted to version 10 with one simple command. It only works on ArchiCAD 10, that's why it's not included in the downloadable ArchiSuite packets. Please download ArchiConverter here.

ArchiCAD 10



Documentation ArchiSuite 16 - ArchiSuite 17 - ArchiSuite 18

The default configuration of ArchiSuite provides User Guides in English and Italian.
Other languages can be added by dowloading and adding them to the ArchiSuite/Documentation folder.



Updates and bugs fixing


Cigraph Plug-Ins for the current and the previous ArchiCAD version are constantly up to date, as soon as new new bugs arise.
When you launch ArchiSuite, it immediately advises you for new updates available for free download.
Remember to quit ArchiCAD, before installing any ArchiSuite Update.



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